Farrier Visits 101: How To Prepare and Handle Your Horse

a farrier trims and shoes the hind foot of a dark bay horse

Hoof care—trimming and/or shoeing every four to six weeks—is an important part of keeping your horse healthy. As such, it’s important to know how to handle your horse to keep things moving smoothly. Remember these tips to make your horse’s farrier visit a piece of cake. Prepare your horse before your farrier arrives. Don’t wait […]

How Long Can Horses Live?

a close up photo of a chestnut senior horse's face with a winter coat and speckled with gray

Discover how long horses can live nowadays, thanks to improved nutrition, veterinary care, and workloads.

How To Put on a Horse’s Blanket

A woman in a barn aisle attaches the clasps at the front of a palomino horse's blanket to secure the blanket.

Watch this demo of blanketing a horse so you know which clasps and straps go where. It’ll keep the blanket secure and your horse warm on frigid nights.

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