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Category: How-To

A rider choosing a bit for her paint horse and checking its fit before riding
How To Choose a Bit for Your Horse
The right bit can lead to a smooth and enjoyable ride for both horse and rider. Learn how to determine...
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a girl wearing a red checkered shirt picks out her gray's horse front left foot
How to Teach Your Horse to Pick Up His Foot
Is your horse refusing to lift his feet so you can pick them out? Here are tips to address this behavioral...
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A woman uses a shedding blade to remove loose, long hair from her bay horse's coat and hindquarters.
Horse Spring Shedding Simplified: Tips, Tools, and Techniques
Is your horse a hairy beast coming out of winter? Help him shed his coat with these practical strategies...
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A bay horse silhouetted against a white background with two lines indicating his heart girth and body length
How To Weigh a Horse Using a Tape Measure
Knowing your horse’s weight is important for accurate feeding and medication dosing. Here's how to weigh...
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A shiny bay horse in a green field eats out of a round tire-shaped bucket on a sunny day.
How To Choose Horse Feed: It’s All About Balance
Here’s how to select the perfect feed for your horse based on his body condition, nutrient needs, workload,...
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A pretty dappled palomino gelding walks through the snow with mountains in the background
How To Prevent Ice Balls in Your Horse's Hooves
Get tried-and-tested methods, from petroleum jelly to anti-snowball pads, for keeping your horse's hooves...
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A woman in western attire takes a gets off her bay horse and picks up his front foot to check it for soundness.
Managing a Horse With Sore Feet
If hard ground or thin soles have made your horse’s tootsies tender, here’s how to give him relief from...
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A woman in a blue top longes a bay horse using a longeing cavesson in an arena.
The Beginner's Guide to Longeing a Horse
Longeing, or lunging, is a valuable training technique for horses of all disciplines and experience levels,...
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two hands holding a handful of soaked beet pulp preparing to feed it to a horse
How To Feed Horses Beet Pulp: Tips and Techniques
From ration sizes to soaking strategies, here’s how to feed beet pulp and maximize its health benefits...
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a picturesque horse farm in the snow, with horses in a field and the barn in the background
How To Prepare Your Horse and Barn for Winter
Use this pre-winter checklist to prepare your horse, equipment, and barn for the cold season ahead.
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a graphic showing the back of a horse feed label and the directions for use
How To Read a Horse Feed Tag
Is the feed you’re buying the right product for your horse? The tag can give you information about its...
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A man uses a clipper to body clip a white pony's winter coat
How to Body Clip a Horse: Tips and Patterns
Learn about common types of body clips and get step-by-step instructions for body clipping with our helpful...
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