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Category: How-To

a woman uses her hands to assess a paint horse's body condition score
How To Easily Determine Your Horse’s Body Condition Score
Learn how to assess your horse's body condition using the industry-standard scoring system, so you can...
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introducing a new horse to a herd by letting three brown horses touch noses over a fence line
Introducing a New Horse to a Herd: How To Keep the Peace
Help your horse transition into his new herd harmoniously by following this step-by-step guide to biosecurity,...
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A woman pulls a rubber bell boot onto a palomino horse's hoof
How To Put Bell Boots on a Horse (and Take Them Off)
Take the guesswork out of pulling rubber bell boots on and off your horse's hooves with this helpful...
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close-up of fun, colorful polo wraps on a riding horse's legs
How To Put Polo Wraps on a Horse’s Legs
Use this step-by-step guide to rolling polos and applying them to your horse’s leg so you can protect...
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Close up image of an english saddle on a paint horse's back
How To Saddle a Horse With an English Saddle
Learn how to saddle a horse English style, so you and your mount can enjoy a comfortable, safe, and secure...
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A woman's takes a horse's temperature silhouetted against the opening of a barn
How To Take Horse Vital Signs and What They Mean
Vital signs are important indicators of horse health. Use this guide and its how-to videos to learn how...
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A woman rides a gray horse dressage at a trot on a sunny day
How To Keep Your Horse Cool When Riding
Beat the heat this summer with these tips for how to keep your horse cool before, during, and after your...
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chestnut horse in western tack
How To Saddle a Horse With a Western Saddle
From placing the saddle on your horse’s back to securing all the straps, learn to master the saddling...
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a woman puts a western bridle on a chestnut horse
How To Put a Bridle on a Horse
Learn the correct way to put a Western or an English bridle on your horse, how to secure it properly,...
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a young woman grooms a palomino horse in the cross-ties
How To Groom a Horse in 6 Easy Steps
In our step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to use essential grooming tools to ensure your horse looks...
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A man pets a nervous horse to calm it down
Smart Strategies for Handling Anxious Horses
How to work with spooky, sensitive, and nervous horses in ways that will keep you safe and the horse...
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Two women measure a gray pony's height using a measuring stick
How To Measure Your Horse’s Height
Knowing your horse's height is important for everything from selecting the right equipment to monitoring...
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