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Category: How-To

Two women measure a gray pony's height using a measuring stick
How To Measure Your Horse’s Height
Knowing your horse's height is important for everything from selecting the right equipment to monitoring...
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A woman curries her chestnut horse in the cross-ties
How To Choose the Right Horse Grooming Tools
Use this comprehensive guide to select grooming items, from currycombs to dandy brushes, that can help...
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a bay horse wearing a rope halter
Understanding Types of Horse Halters (& How To Put Them On)
Learn about the 4 most common horse halters so you can decide which material and style is best for you...
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A gray horse in cross-ties gets a bubble bath
How To Bathe Your Horse: The Ultimate Guide
Learn to bathe a horse with ease, from preparation to applying the right products to proper technique.
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A female veterinarian bandages a horse's leg
Types of Horse Wounds and How To Treat Them
From minor cuts to major lacerations, learn about equine wound care essentials, cleaning protocols, and...
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A close-up of a horse's hind foot with a horseshoe on it
How To Remove a Horseshoe From Your Horse's Foot Properly
Knowing how to remove a loose horseshoe can prevent it from causing further damage to the hoof and discomfort...
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A woman applies fly spray to chestnut quarter horse's body.
How To Apply Fly Spray to Your Horse
Learn how to properly apply fly spray to your horse for maximum effectiveness and comfort during fly...
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A woman holding a halter and lead rope walks out into a paddock to catch a bay horse
How To Catch a Horse in a Field
Learn safe horse-catching tips and how to train your horse to be caught easily when being brought in...
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A farrier trims the hind hoof of a horse
How To Find a Farrier for Your Horse
Finding a reliable and skilled farrier is key to maintaining your horse's hoof health. Here’s where to...
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An equine veterinarian talks to a horse owner during an exam
How To Navigate Equine Vet Visits
Here’s how to prepare for and what to expect during routine visits from your equine veterinarian.
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An equine veterinarian listens to a horse's lungs with a stethoscope
How To Find an Equine Veterinarian for Your Horse
Learn how to find a qualified, experienced, and compassionate equine vet who meets your needs and can...
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close-up of a woman picking out a horse's hoof
How To Pick a Horse’s Hooves: A Step-by-Step Guide
Learn essential tips and techniques for keeping your horse’s hooves clean and preventing common foot...
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