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My New Horse

Category: Budgeting

A woman wearing a cowboy hat cradles her chestnut horse's head while he's tied to a fence post waiting to get tacked up in Western tack.
Your Guide to Navigating Unexpected Horse Expenses
Learn about 3 common unplanned expenditures of horse ownership and how to feel better prepared for a...
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A woman wearing a white shirt pets her chestnut horse as he looks out of his stall.
10 Budgeting and Cost-Saving Tips for New Horse Owners
Learn about simple strategies equestrians can use to control their spending and save money on horse ownership.
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A young woman presents a gift box wrapped in blue wrapping paper to her white horse who's wearing a santa cap
2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Horse
Spoil your new horse with these gift ideas ranging from stocking stuffers to splurges and everything...
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A woman in a cowboy hat leading a horse and silhouetted in a barn aisle
How Much Does a Horse Cost Per Month?
Curious about the monthly expenses of owning a horse? Understand what it costs to keep a horse with our...
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a clean and tidy horse feed room with feed storage and supplies
Horse Feed Room Essentials
Here are the items you should have in your feed room to ensure it’s well stocked and your horse is well...
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a young woman stands next to her palomino horse
Everything You Need to Know About Leasing a Horse
Leasing can be a great way to try horse ownership without the long-term commitment—learn if it’s the...
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a woman riding an appaloosa horse on the trail
How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Horse?
A horse’s initial cost might include not only its purchase price but also commission fees, a prepurchase...
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a woman jogs her bay horse down a lane as a veterinarian assesses its soundness
Prepurchase Exams for Horses: What You Need to Know
What to expect during a prepurchase exam and what assessments your veterinarian might perform so you...
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a woman leads a chestnut horse out of a barn
A Guide to Planning Your First Horse Barn
Learn about the basics of horse barn planning, fencing, and budgeting so you can bring your equine vision...
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A man sells a horse to a woman and they shake hands
Where to Buy a Horse: A Beginner's Guide
Finding the perfect horse can be like locating a needle in a haystack—here’s where to buy a horse and...
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young woman standing next to her chestnut horse with a red halter and leadrope
Year-Round Horse Health Care: What To Do and When
Discover the essentials of preventive care for horses throughout the year, including wellness exams,...
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close up of a farrier rasping a horse's hoof
Horse Hoof Care Schedules, Supplies, and Best Practices
Navigate the world of equine hoof care with this guide to farrier schedules, essential hoof supplies,...
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