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Category: Horse Facts

A chestnut horse yawns, showing his horse teeth, on a bright sunny day against a blue sky background
How Many Teeth Do Horses Have? 
Learn this and other fun facts about equine teeth in our guide to what goes on in your horse’s mouth. 
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A dapple-gray Arabian Horse gallops and frolics in a pasture
Everything You Need to Know About Arabian Horses
Discover the Arabian Horse, from its origins and defining characteristics to the disciplines in which...
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two weanling horses stare over the camera against the backdrop of a blue sky to communicate with the photographer
From Body Language to Behavior: How Horses Communicate  
Learning to recognize how horses communicate improves human safety, training results, trust, and the...
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A horse trainer holds the leadrope of an alert chestnut horse with a blaze standing inside a stable
Understanding the Basics of How Horses Learn
By understanding horse learning patterns, you can handle and train your horse safely and effectively.
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Three horse handlers show their quarter horses in hand in the show pen during a breed show
Getting to Know the American Quarter Horse
This popular horse breed known for its versatility and temperament is a great choice for first-time horse...
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A dapple gray horse staring into the camera grazes on weeds and leaves in a field on a sunny day
Hidden Dangers: 10 Plants Toxic to Horses
While most equids steer clear of bitter weeds and leaves, these are some of the most toxic plants to...
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An artistic photo of a chestnut horse standing in a field during a rain shower
Can You Leave a Horse in the Rain?
Many horses are perfectly happy grazing in the rain, but here are some things to consider before letting...
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A bay shire horse with white leg feathering grazes in a peaceful green pasture
What Is the Tallest Horse in the World?
From their impressive stature to their gentle nature, learn what sets these equine giants apart from...
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A chestnut horse and a gray pony stand in the opening of a white barn
Horses, Ponies, and Minis: What’s the Difference?
More alike than different, horses and ponies of varying sizes nonetheless have some distinct characteristics.
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A herd of Przewalski's horses, mares, and foals graze on Hungarian plains
A Journey Through Time: How Horses Evolved
Discover how horses evolved from small, forest-dwelling animals to the powerful and graceful animals...
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A woman in english riding attire kisses her bay horse's nose while he stands in a paddock saddled.
Why a Horse Is the Perfect Valentine
Forget roses and chocolate, a playful nuzzle and an appreciative nicker are the true ways to a horse...
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A man and a woman wearing red plaid tops ride chestnut horses in western tack in the snow alongside horse paddocks
10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year With Your Horse
As you reflect on the past year and plan for the next, don’t forget to make memories and celebrate with...
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