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Category: Horse Facts

A chestnut horse eats and apple off a hay bale topped with pumpkins, with more hay in the background
A Seasonal Treat: Can Horses Eat Pumpkin?
Discover the health benefits, risks, and best ways to serve this autumn favorite to your horse.
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A bay horse cantering in a green field
On the Move: The Importance of Regular Exercise for Horses
Your horse needs frequent movement and exercise for good digestive, musculoskeletal, and mental health.
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A woman in a cowboy hat and plaid shirt smiles and pets her bay horse
The 10 Best Horse Breeds for Beginners
Discover which horse breeds have the temperament, size, and trainability to be ideal mounts for novice...
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a herd of horses gallops across a field
A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Breeds
From the graceful Arabian to the sturdy Clydesdale, discover what makes these 33 popular horse breeds...
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A bay racehorse gallops down the stretch at churchill downs
What Is the Fastest Horse in the World?
Learn about the speediest racehorse breeds, the fastest horses in history, and what factors make a horse...
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A black miniature horse poses
The American Miniature Horse: A Guide to This Adorable Breed
Discover the history, characteristics, and uses of American Miniature Horses, a favorite breed among...
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An overo and tobiano paint horse in a pasture
Unraveling the Rainbow: Paint Horse Coat Patterns
Decipher the differences between paint horses’ coat colors and patterns and what makes each one unique.
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A man rides an icelandic horse at a tolt
The Art of Horse Gaits: A Basic Guide to Equine Movement
From the elegance of the canter to the power of the flying pace, gain a deeper understanding of how horses...
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Three women ride their horses in english tack down a trail
Saddle Up: A Guide to Different Types of Riding Horses
Discover the unique characteristics of various breeds and types of riding horses so you can find the...
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A buckskin horse and a black horse greet each other in the snow
A Comprehensive Guide to Common Horse Coat Colors
Join us on a colorful journey as we delve into the captivating world of horse coat colors, from rich...
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A chestnut horse sleeps standing up in a field
Snooze or Lose: Understanding How Horses Sleep
Discover the fascinating world of equine slumber, from REM sleep to napping habits, and how it affects...
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Paint mare eating feed in her stall
How Often Should You Feed Your Horse?
Learn how often horses need hay, water, and feed based on their housing type, activity level, and diet....
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