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a chestnut and bay horse share a pile of hay in the snow
Winter Weight Woes: Help Your Horse Add Pounds for Warmth
Skinny horses don’t fare well in winter weather. Here's how to put weight on your horse before the temperatures...
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A chestnut horse with a thick winter coat stands in a snowy field
How Cold Is Too Cold for Horses?
Learn how low temps affect your horse’s comfort and what you can do to ensure he stays warm this winter.
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a bucket in the snow filled with peppermint horse treats
Holiday Treat Recipes Your Horse Will Love
With these easy-to-make horse treat recipes, you can show your steed some extra love this holiday season.
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A man uses a clipper to body clip a white pony's winter coat
How to Body Clip a Horse: Tips and Patterns
Learn about common types of body clips and get step-by-step instructions for body clipping with our helpful...
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a farrier trims and shoes the hind foot of a dark bay horse
Farrier Visits 101: How To Prepare and Handle Your Horse
Hoof care—trimming and/or shoeing every four to six weeks—is an important part of keeping your horse...
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A horse plays with a large orange ball in a paddock
Boredom Busters: Stall Toys for Happy Horses
From treat dispensers to inflatable balls, we'll help you find the perfect way to keep your horse entertained...
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a woman lifts a bale of hay in front of a stall while a grey horse reaches out to grab a bite.
Understanding Gastric Ulcers in Horses and How To Prevent Them
Gastric ulcers are incredibly common, and any horse can develop them. Learn how to identify, treat, and—better...
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a close up photo of a chestnut senior horse's face with a winter coat and speckled with gray
How Long Can Horses Live?
Discover how long horses can live nowadays, thanks to improved nutrition, veterinary care, and workloads.
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A young woman leads a bay horse in a field of green grass
What To Do With Your Horse When You Leave Town
With good preparation, a trusted caretaker, and detailed instructions, you can leave town without worrying...
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A young woman walks out of a barn aisle carrying three empty water buckets
Timesavers: Ways to Make Barn Chores More Efficient
It’s easy to get sucked into the time vacuum of barn chores. Here are some ways to take good care of...
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A brown and white paint horse wearing a blue blanket looks over a white fenceline
The Ultimate Guide to Blanketing a Horse
Does your horse need a blanket? Many with natural coats don’t. But if yours does, here’s a quick guide...
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A chestnut horse eats and apple off a hay bale topped with pumpkins, with more hay in the background
A Seasonal Treat: Can Horses Eat Pumpkin?
Discover the health benefits, risks, and best ways to serve this autumn favorite to your horse.
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