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Category: Equine Care

A bay horse looks over a broken fence board in his pasture in this article about horse stall and paddock safety
Horse Stall and Paddock Safety Checklist
Horses are notorious for getting into trouble. Here's a 12-step guide to secure stalls and safe pastures...
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A chubby bay horse grazing in a green pasture at dawn
Spring Grazing: The Risks of Fresh Grass for Horses
Did you know green grass can be dangerous for some horses? Learn about safe spring grazing practices...
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A woman uses a shedding blade to remove loose, long hair from her bay horse's coat and hindquarters.
Horse Spring Shedding Simplified: Tips, Tools, and Techniques
Is your horse a hairy beast coming out of winter? Help him shed his coat with these practical strategies...
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A brown and white paint horse canters in a green spring pasture
Spring Horse-Keeping: A Comprehensive Guide
Spring brings unique care, management, and riding challenges and opportunities for horse owners. Here...
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A brown and white paint horse and a brown goat hang out in the pasture together
The Perfect Paddock Pal: Companion Animals for Horses
Does your horse need a friend? Here’s how to choose the perfect companion for your horse.
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A bay horse silhouetted against a white background with two lines indicating his heart girth and body length
How To Weigh a Horse Using a Tape Measure
Knowing your horse’s weight is important for accurate feeding and medication dosing. Here's how to weigh...
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A dark bay horse grazing in a green spring pasture
Parasite Control for Horses: A Basic Rundown
Learn when and how to control parasites in adult horses, plus watch a how-to video about administering...
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A dapple gray horse staring into the camera grazes on weeds and leaves in a field on a sunny day
Hidden Dangers: 10 Plants Toxic to Horses
While most equids steer clear of bitter weeds and leaves, these are some of the most toxic plants to...
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A pretty, shiny bay horse with dapples stands in a green pasture.
Navigating 4 Common Horse Skin Issues
Horses are sensitive creatures; learn how to identify and treat the infections and issues that can affect...
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An artistic photo of a chestnut horse standing in a field during a rain shower
Can You Leave a Horse in the Rain?
Many horses are perfectly happy grazing in the rain, but here are some things to consider before letting...
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A shiny bay horse in a green field eats out of a round tire-shaped bucket on a sunny day.
How To Choose Horse Feed: It’s All About Balance
Here’s how to select the perfect feed for your horse based on his body condition, nutrient needs, workload,...
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Two bay horses are in a paddock together, and one is acting grumpy toward the other.
Is Your Mare in Heat? (And How to Handle It)
Look for these telltale signs your mare is in heat, and take steps to make handling and riding her during...
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