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A woman in a barn aisle attaches the clasps at the front of a palomino horse's blanket to secure the blanket.
How To Put on a Horse's Blanket
Watch this demo of blanketing a horse so you know which clasps and straps go where. It'll keep the blanket...
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close-up of a woman's hand adjusting an english saddle and its pad on a horse's back and withers
How To Put on an English Saddle
We demonstrate where to place the saddle and its pad and how to attach the girth and keepers so your...
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close-up of a woman putting an english bridle on a chestnut horse's head in a barn aisle
How To Put on an English Bridle
Follow these steps to make sure you put an English bridle on your horse correctly and can enjoy a safe...
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a woman puts a western bridle on a chestnut horse
How To Put on a Western Bridle
From holding the headpiece properly to asking the horse to open his mouth for the bit to attaching all...
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a woman places a western saddle blanket on a chestnut horse's back while tied to the trailer
How To Put on a Western Saddle
In this video, we'll demonstrate how to tack a horse up using a Western saddle, from placing the blanket...
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a horse owner weighs her horse's feed and hay rations
How To Measure Your Horse's Feed and Hay
Discover an easy way to measure your horse’s feed and hay rations by weight, so your horse gets the calories,...
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a woman cleans a leather western saddle in a barn aisle
How To Clean a Saddle
Review these saddle-cleaning steps—which are the same for both English and Western saddles—to prevent...
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A woman pulls a rubber bell boot onto a palomino horse's hoof
How To Put Bell Boots on a Horse (and Take Them Off)
Take the guesswork out of pulling rubber bell boots on and off your horse's hooves with this helpful...
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a woman reads the instructions for fly spray application on the back of the bottle's label before applying it to her horse
How To Fly Spray a Horse Effectively
Review the steps you should take before, during, and after the fly spray process, so you can provide...
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close-up of a woman tying her chestnut horse to a post using a quick-release knot
How To Tie a Quick-Release Knot
Learn how to tie a simple and commonly used quick-release knot so you can tie your horse to a post or...
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A woman uses a sponge to apply shampoo to a palomino horse's coat and mane.
How To Bathe a Horse
From rinsing to shampooing to detangling, here are common steps you'll want to follow when giving a horse...
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a horse owner packing and wrapping a bay horse's hoof in a barn
How To Pack a Horse's Hoof
Learn how to pack a horse's hoof with a pain-relieving product like Magic Cushion, regardless of whether...
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