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My New Horse

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a woman reads the instructions for fly spray application on the back of the bottle's label before applying it to her horse
How To Fly Spray a Horse Effectively
Review the steps you should take before, during, and after the fly spray process, so you can provide...
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close-up of a woman tying her chestnut horse to a post using a quick-release knot
How To Tie a Quick-Release Knot
Learn how to tie a simple and commonly used quick-release knot so you can tie your horse to a post or...
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A woman uses a sponge to apply shampoo to a palomino horse's coat and mane.
How To Bathe a Horse
From rinsing to shampooing to detangling, here are common steps you'll want to follow when giving a horse...
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a horse owner packing and wrapping a bay horse's hoof in a barn
How To Pack a Horse's Hoof
Learn how to pack a horse's hoof with a pain-relieving product like Magic Cushion, regardless of whether...
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a woman in a blue shirt removing the halter from a palomino horse in a pasture.
How To Turn Out and Catch a Horse Safely
Watch how to turn out and catch a horse out properly, so you can feel confident in your horse handling...
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closeup of a woman picking out a palomino horse's feet
How To Pick Out a Horse's Hoof
Learn how to pick out a horse's hoof safely and effectively with this how-to video.
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close up of brushing a palomino horse's neck
How To Groom Your Horse
Learn how to perform basic horse grooming tasks, from currying and brushing to hoof picking and mane...
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a veterinarian examines a horse's eye for signs of injury
How To Examine a Horse's Eye
Christine Johnson, DVM, of Leclair Equine, in Berthoud, Colorado, describes common signs of eye injuries...
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close-up of an equine veterinarian applying ointment to a horse's eye
How To Medicate a Horse's Eye
Christine Johnson, DVM, of Leclair Equine, in Berthoud, Colorado, demonstrates how to safely apply ointment...
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close-up of a veterinarian performing a skin pinch test on a horse to determine hydration status
Horse Vital Signs: How To Check for Dehydration
A quick way to check a horse's hydration status is to perform a skin pinch test. Dr. Christine Johnson...
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a veterinarian taking a horse's respiratory rate
Equine Vital Signs: Taking a Horse’s Respiratory Rate
Knowing your horse’s respiratory rate is useful for monitoring his recovery when exercising in hot conditions...
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a farrier diagnoses a horse's hoof abscess
How To Recognize and Treat a Horse’s Hoof Abscess
If you can pick up on a hoof abscess early, you can start treatment to relieve your horse's pain and...
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