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Category: Video

a veterinarian applies a hoof wrap to a horse's foot
How To Wrap a Horse's Hoof
Wrapping a hoof is a common procedure all horse owners should know how to do in case their horse is recovering...
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A veterinarian takes a chestnut horse's pulse
Equine Vital Signs: Taking a Horse’s Pulse
It’s important to know your horse’s baseline heart rate—with or without a stethoscope—so you can detect...
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An equine veterinarian takes a chestnut horse's temperature
Equine Vital Signs: Taking a Horse's Temperature
A horse’s temperature is a sign of its overall health, so you'll want to learn the steps for taking a...
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An overweight bay horse grazes in a field
How To Help Your Horse Lose Weight
Learn how to keep your horse at an ideal weight and ward off health issues by introducing lower-calorie...
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A veterinarian palpates a horse's back to determine if he's sore
How To Recognize a Lame Horse
A veterinarian surgeon reviews his basic lameness exam and what he looks for in potentially unsound horses.
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a veterinarian assesses a horse's gums, teeth, and mouth
How To Examine Your Horse's Mouth
Checking your horse’s mouth to assess the mucous membranes, look for foreign objects, or evaluate the...
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close-up of equine first-aid kit items
What To Put in Your Horse's First-Aid Kit
One veterinarian lists the key items you should keep in an equine first-aid kit to treat minor injuries...
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a veterinarian cleans and dresses a wound on a horse's leg
How To Clean and Treat Horse Wounds
An equine veterinarian demonstrates how to clean, dress, and bandage minor wounds on a horse so they...
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a veterinarian checks a horse's gums for capillary refill time
Horse Vital Signs: Checking Capillary Refill Time
Learn how to safely check your horse’s capillary refill time, an important indicator of health that in...
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a veterinarian listens to a colicking horse's gut sounds
What Is Colic in Horses?
In this video, an equine veterinarian lists the potential causes of colic in horses, signs of colic,...
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A veterinarian uses a stethoscope to listen to a horse's gut
Horse Vital Signs: Interpreting Gut Sounds
Gut sounds should be present in all healthy horses, with approximately one to three gut sounds per minute...
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A veterinarian measures a horse's barrel using a weight tape
Help Your Horse Gain Weight
Learn how you can help your thin horse pack on the pounds, from assessing roughage sources to increasing...
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