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Category: Riding

a woman in an indoor arena practices negative reinforcement horse training while exercising a horse on a longe line.
How To Train Your Horse Using Negative Reinforcement  
Learn why negative reinforcement horse training—also known as pressure and release—works and how to use...
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A young woman carry english riding tack greets her gray horse at the stall door as part of positive reinforcement horse training
How To Train Your Horse Using Positive Reinforcement 
Positive reinforcement is a low-stress training technique that can help us teach horses how to happily...
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A photo from behind of a woman riding a bay horse in english tack at the walk wondering if it's too hot to ride a horse.
How Hot Is Too Hot to Ride a Horse? 
Riding your horse in hot weather requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure both your...
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A woman rides a palomino horse in western tack across a stream on a mountain trail while learning how to cross water with a horse
Safe Passage: How To Cross Water With a Horse
If you come across a creek, stream, or river while trail riding, don’t wade blindly into unfamiliar waters—follow...
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A saddle fitter assess a saddle's fit on the back of a bay horse.
What Does a Saddle Fitter Cost? 
Learn what to expect when you hire a professional saddle fitter—from the services they provide to what...
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two young women gallop bay horses across a beach with mountains in the background during a horseback riding vacation
How To Plan a Horseback Riding Vacation
From dude ranches to personalized lesson programs, here’s how to ensure your next vacation revolves around...
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A silhouette of a man sweeping the aisle of a barn and doing rainy day barn activities while a horse watches
Things to Do Around the Barn on a Rainy Day
Don't let a day at the barn go to waste just because it's too rainy to ride! Try these 8 rainy day barn...
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A family of three looking for family horse activities happily pets a bay horse in a paddock
7 Family Horse Activities to Enjoy With Your Loved Ones 
Discover engaging family horse activities to strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories. Perfect...
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championship ribbons displayed at a rider's first horse show
5 Tips to Prepare for Your First Horse Show
If you’re new to horse showing or attending an event for the first time, here are a few tips to help...
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two weanling horses stare over the camera against the backdrop of a blue sky to communicate with the photographer
From Body Language to Behavior: How Horses Communicate  
Learning to recognize how horses communicate improves human safety, training results, trust, and the...
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A horse trainer holds the leadrope of an alert chestnut horse with a blaze standing inside a stable
Understanding the Basics of How Horses Learn
By understanding horse learning patterns, you can handle and train your horse safely and effectively.
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three horses of young, adult, and senior age ranges to choose from when buying a horse.
What Age Horse Should You Buy? 
The ideal age for your first horse depends on your goals and experience. We're here to help you make...
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