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Category: Riding

A rider choosing a bit for her paint horse and checking its fit before riding
How To Choose a Bit for Your Horse
The right bit can lead to a smooth and enjoyable ride for both horse and rider. Learn how to determine...
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A horseback riding instructor teaches a novice rider on a brown and white paint horse her riding aids.
Starting Horseback Riding Lessons: What To Know
From what to wear to finding a reputable instructor, there's a lot to consider when you first start taking...
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A gray horse in english tack wearing a figure-eight noseband and a running martingale, with only his head and neck visible
What Is a Martingale, and Does Your Horse Need One?
What does a martingale do for horses? Find out as we explore the purpose and practicality of this piece...
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An older gray horse and a bay gelding trot through a field in autumn
The Golden Years: Enriching Activities for Retired Horses
Embrace your horse’s retirement and keep his mind and body active with these 5 fun activities.
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A woman in a green shirt leads a bay horse over striped ground poles as part of groundwork exercises.
Groundwork Exercises for You and Your Horse
Groundwork can be an excellent way to establish communication and ground manners, build a bond with your...
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A woman in a black top rides her paint horse along a dramatic cliffside trail.
How To Choose the Right Horseback Riding Discipline
Unsure which equestrian path to trot along? Explore these popular horseback riding disciplines so you...
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Two bay horses are in a paddock together, and one is acting grumpy toward the other.
Is Your Mare in Heat? (And How to Handle It)
Look for these telltale signs your mare is in heat, and take steps to make handling and riding her during...
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A middle aged woman wearing a red vest leads two horses in the snow, a palomino wearing western tack and a chestnut
When Is it Too Cold to Ride Your Horse?
Consider these factors when deciding whether to ride your horse in frigid weather or take the day off.
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A haflinger horse kicks out while running in a paddock against green bushes
Protect Yourself From Kicks When Working With Horses
Even the most easygoing horse can send out an unexpected kick. Follow these precautions around all horses...
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A woman in a blue top longes a bay horse using a longeing cavesson in an arena.
The Beginner's Guide to Longeing a Horse
Longeing, or lunging, is a valuable training technique for horses of all disciplines and experience levels,...
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A blond woman runs her hand underneath an English saddle placed on a bay horse's back to assess whether it fits properly
Saddle Fitting 101: How and Why To Check Your Horse’s Tack
Learn why you need a saddle that fits the shape of your horse’s back, plus 6 parts of the saddle to check...
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A female veterinarian palpates a horse's back in a stall to determine if it's painful
Is Your Horse’s Back Sore?
A horse with back pain can put a halt to your riding plans. Learn about the signs, causes, and effective...
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