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Category: Riding

A man and a woman wearing red plaid tops ride chestnut horses in western tack in the snow alongside horse paddocks
10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year With Your Horse
As you reflect on the past year and plan for the next, don’t forget to make memories and celebrate with...
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A man uses a clipper to body clip a white pony's winter coat
How to Body Clip a Horse: Tips and Patterns
Learn about common types of body clips and get step-by-step instructions for body clipping with our helpful...
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A young woman walks out of a barn aisle carrying three empty water buckets
Timesavers: Ways to Make Barn Chores More Efficient
It’s easy to get sucked into the time vacuum of barn chores. Here are some ways to take good care of...
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A bay horse cantering in a green field
On the Move: The Importance of Regular Exercise for Horses
Your horse needs frequent movement and exercise for good digestive, musculoskeletal, and mental health.
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a woman lifts her western saddle into the back of her pickup truck on a snowy day, with her paint horse and barn in the background
English or Western? Different Types of Saddles for Equestrians
Learning the differences between English and Western saddle design and function can help you understand...
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a woman hand-walks and grazes her dark bay horse along a trail and fence line
Welcome to the Barn: Getting to Know Your New Horse
Learn about your new horse’s health, behavior, and personality as you acclimate him to a new home, diet,...
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A woman in a cowboy hat and plaid shirt smiles and pets her bay horse
The 10 Best Horse Breeds for Beginners
Discover which horse breeds have the temperament, size, and trainability to be ideal mounts for novice...
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a young woman stands next to her palomino horse
Everything You Need to Know About Leasing a Horse
Leasing can be a great way to try horse ownership without the long-term commitment—learn if it’s the...
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close-up of fun, colorful polo wraps on a riding horse's legs
How To Put Polo Wraps on a Horse’s Legs
Use this step-by-step guide to rolling polos and applying them to your horse’s leg so you can protect...
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close-up of a dark bay horse's back with an English saddle, pad, and breastplate.
Common Types and Uses of Horse Tack and Equipment
Learn about basic types of equine tack, leg protection, accessories, and more so you can determine which...
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Close up image of an english saddle on a paint horse's back
How To Saddle a Horse With an English Saddle
Learn how to saddle a horse English style, so you and your mount can enjoy a comfortable, safe, and secure...
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A woman rides a gray horse dressage at a trot on a sunny day
How To Keep Your Horse Cool When Riding
Beat the heat this summer with these tips for how to keep your horse cool before, during, and after your...
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