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Category: Budgeting

A woman curries her chestnut horse in the cross-ties
How To Choose the Right Horse Grooming Tools
Use this comprehensive guide to select grooming items, from currycombs to dandy brushes, that can help...
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a bay horse wearing a rope halter
Understanding Types of Horse Halters (& How To Put Them On)
Learn about the 4 most common horse halters so you can decide which material and style is best for you...
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Horse tack, feeding, and grooming supplies in a field with a horse in the background
The Horse Owner’s Shopping List of Basic Horse Supplies
From grooming tools to feed and first-aid kits, our guide covers everything you'll need to get started...
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A veterinarian floats a horse's teeth during a dental exam
Caring for Equine Teeth: Why Your Horse Needs Dental Exams
Review the basics of equine dental care, from growth and anatomy to annual checkups and common problems.
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A farrier trims the hind hoof of a horse
How To Find a Farrier for Your Horse
Finding a reliable and skilled farrier is key to maintaining your horse's hoof health. Here’s where to...
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A bay and chestnut horse look over a white pasture fence
Choosing the Right Type of Fencing for Your Horse
From classic wood and wire mesh to electric polytape, each type of pasture fencing has its own set of...
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A clean horse stall and barn aisle
What Type of Horse Stall Bedding Should You Use?
Whether your horse sees a stall often or only when the weather is bad or he needs stall rest, bedding...
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A chestnut horse looking over his stall door in a barn
Choosing a Boarding Barn for Your Horse: What to Look For
Get essential tips for picking the right boarding location, assessing available amenities, evaluating...
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The front of a horse's stall with his name plate, halter, fly spray and sheet.
Equipping Your Horse's Home: Essentials for Stall Setup
We'll list the essential supplies you need to outfit your horse's stall so he has a comfortable and functional...
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horses wearing grazing muzzles in a pasture
Caring for Horses: What Every Horse Needs
Learn what every horse needs and how to provide it so your four-legged friend will have a happy and healthy...
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A farmer cutting hay in the field
Understanding the Lingo When Buying Hay for Horses
Shop for hay confidently when you brush up on the language farmers and suppliers use in the hay industry.
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A woman leads a Haflinger through an arena
What To Know Before You Buy a Horse
Use this horse-buying guide to make sure you’re prepared to house, care for, and enjoy your new equine...
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