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My New Horse

Category: Budgeting

A chestnut horse wearing western tack
What Does it Cost to Own a Horse?
Explore the financial side of horse ownership, from upfront expenses to ongoing care, so you know what...
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A woman holds a flake of hay for her paint horse
How To Find the Best Hay for Your Horse
Good-quality hay is the foundation of a healthy horse diet. Here’s how to navigate the world of horse...
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A woman spreads hay out for her three horses in a paddock
What Does it Cost to Feed a Horse?
Understanding the costs of equine nutrition, from hay to feed to supplements, is essential when it comes...
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A woman leads a paint horse in western tack out of the barn
Boarding or Keeping Your Horse at Home: What's Best for You?
Both boarding and at-home care have their pros and cons, so consider your situation carefully before...
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