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My New Horse

Category: How-To

A horse trainer pets a horse on the face after longeing it.
How To Find a Horse Trainer
Discover where and how to search for a reputable horse trainer who can help you and your new horse thrive....
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A woman applies fly spray to a horse in western tack
Tips for Minimizing Flies on Your Horses and Property
Flies can be a nuisance for both you and your horse. Learn how to reduce fly populations with these easy-to-follow...
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a woman uses a pitchfork to clean a horse's stall
Clean Stall, Happy Horse: A Beginner's Guide to Stall Cleaning
In this article, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of cleaning a horse's stall, from gathering...
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woman inspecting a flake of horse hay
How To Inspect Your Horse’s Hay
Use your hands, nose, and eyes to make sure your horse’s hay is high quality and safe to feed.
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A woman holds a flake of hay for her paint horse
How To Find the Best Hay for Your Horse
Good-quality hay is the foundation of a healthy horse diet. Here’s how to navigate the world of horse...
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Brown horse looking out the stall door
How To Decide Between a Stall, Pasture, or Both for Your Horse
Should your horse live in a stall, a pasture, or a combination of both? Review the pros and cons of each...
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