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Help, My Horse Lost a Shoe!

Two steel horseshoes lay on top of each other in a barn aisle

What to do when your horse comes in missing a shoe and steps to take while you’re waiting for the farrier to arrive.

Managing a Horse With Sore Feet

A woman in western attire takes a gets off her bay horse and picks up his front foot to check it for soundness.

If hard ground or thin soles have made your horse’s tootsies tender, here’s how to give him relief from the pain associated with hoof concussion and trauma.

Farrier Visits 101: How To Prepare and Handle Your Horse

a farrier trims and shoes the hind foot of a dark bay horse

Hoof care—trimming and/or shoeing every four to six weeks—is an important part of keeping your horse healthy. As such, it’s important to know how to handle your horse to keep things moving smoothly. Remember these tips to make your horse’s farrier visit a piece of cake. Prepare your horse before your farrier arrives. Don’t wait […]

How To Pack a Horse’s Hoof

a horse owner packing and wrapping a bay horse's hoof in a barn

Learn how to pack a horse’s hoof with a pain-relieving product like Magic Cushion, regardless of whether he’s shod or barefoot.

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