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Help, My Horse Won’t Eat!

A person offering a horse a handful of grain

When your horse loses his appetite for no apparent reason, here are three questions to ask yourself as you look for the cause.

How To Help Your Horse Lose Weight

An overweight bay horse grazes in a field

Learn how to keep your horse at an ideal weight and ward off health issues by introducing lower-calorie feed options and adjusting hay and feeding methods.

Equine Feeding Fundamentals

a horse owner weighs her horse's feed and hay rations

Randy Raub, PhD, Director of Research and Nutrition and member of the Sentinel Nutrition Team, addresses common questions about equine nutrition and feeding programs.

Help Your Horse Gain Weight

A veterinarian measures a horse's barrel using a weight tape

Learn how you can help your thin horse pack on the pounds, from assessing roughage sources to increasing his concentrate feed ration to adding fat sources.

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