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How To Put on an English Saddle

close-up of a woman's hand adjusting an english saddle and its pad on a horse's back and withers

We demonstrate where to place the saddle and its pad and how to attach the girth and keepers so your horse is comfortable and you stay safe.

How To Put on a Western Bridle

a woman puts a western bridle on a chestnut horse

From holding the headpiece properly to asking the horse to open his mouth for the bit to attaching all the straps, here’s how to put on a Western bridle.

How To Put on a Western Saddle

a woman places a western saddle blanket on a chestnut horse's back while tied to the trailer

In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to tack a horse up using a Western saddle, from placing the blanket correctly to attaching all the straps.

How To Clean a Saddle

a woman cleans a leather western saddle in a barn aisle

Review these saddle-cleaning steps—which are the same for both English and Western saddles—to prevent your leather from breaking down.

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