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How To Tie a Quick-Release Knot

close-up of a woman tying her chestnut horse to a post using a quick-release knot

Learn how to tie a simple and commonly used quick-release knot so you can tie your horse to a post or other immovable object safely.

How To Bathe a Horse

A woman uses a sponge to apply shampoo to a palomino horse's coat and mane.

From rinsing to shampooing to detangling, here are common steps you’ll want to follow when giving a horse a bath.

How To Pack a Horse’s Hoof

a horse owner packing and wrapping a bay horse's hoof in a barn

Learn how to pack a horse’s hoof with a pain-relieving product like Magic Cushion, regardless of whether he’s shod or barefoot.

How To Groom Your Horse

close up of brushing a palomino horse's neck

Learn how to perform basic horse grooming tasks, from currying and brushing to hoof picking and mane detangling.

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